Supporting our community by inspiring a love of reading, discovery and connection.

Your support of the Foundation helps fund programs that reach youth, adults and families in Douglas County and across Colorado, and helps ensure the long-term success of our outstanding libraries.

Connecting the Community

The Douglas County Libraries Foundation delivers funding and resources to help sustain Douglas County Libraries and positively impact our community members so they can grow and thrive.

Scholarships & Support

The Foundation provides scholarships and financial support for customers attending various DCL programs with associated small fees, such as Camp DCL for kids and high school equivalency testing for adults. Thanks to these scholarships, kids in families facing financial hardship get the chance to play and learn at our weeklong spring and summer day camps, and adults are able to achieve their high school graduation goals. For more information on accessing support for a fee-based program or service, please contact our Foundation at (303) 764-3311.

Cuddle Up & Read

Through partnerships with area hospitals, Cuddle Up & Read provides new parents with a fun and meaningful introduction to the library and our early literacy services. The program includes small gifts for mom and baby and an invitation to get baby a library card. We also distribute DCL growth charts, complete with reading suggestions and library service information, to parents through participating pediatricians’ offices across the county.

Summer Reading

Each year, Douglas County Libraries' summer reading program encourages kids to begin reading from a young age, and keeps them reading during school breaks, so they grow up with a strong foundation in literacy. Readers of all ages are encouraged to complete the reading program each year.

Exploration Stations

The Foundation supports exciting new ways to inspire a love of discovery and connection in our community, and one of those ways is through Exploration Stations. Located at both Parker Adventist and Castle Rock Adventist hospitals, these interactive areas for kids are located near the family birth centers. The stations include interactive software programs, books, puzzles, activities, and toys that provide learning opportunities as well as entertainment for children.

Foundation Endowment

Funding the Future: Giving Now for Generations to Come

Our endowment fund, managed by the Rose Community Foundation, strengthens the library’s ability to support and serve our community well into the future. Your legacy gift to the Douglas County Libraries Foundation Fund is tax-deductible.
Questions about the Foundation or Endowment?
or call (303) 764-3311

We Can Help

The Foundation supports other agencies and organizations in our community and across Colorado.
We recognize that strong communities happen when agencies and organizations help each other achieve their missions. We can provide support to your organization’s programs with financial funding, in-kind sponsorships, or communication and promotional assistance. Tell us of your need and we will reply in 2-4 weeks.
Please be aware that the application and approval process may take up to 8 weeks. Schedule your program accordingly.

Candid Seal of Transparency

Candid Seal of Transparency
Douglas County Libraries Foundation earned Candid’s Seal of Transparency for making information on our nonprofit readily available to supporters.